Myrtles Tea House & Home Decor

The perfect place for a spot of tea, English tea sandwiches, and dessert.

Myrtles Tea House & home decor is a tea house right next to Davis park. In recent years, the gift shop aspect of the business has expanded dramatically from just tea and accessories to home decor items . Make sure to stop by for fun gifts to give to friends and family!


Elizabeth Brush


Prior to establishing her tea house, Elizabeth was in a corporate middle management position. She knew this was not something she wanted to spend life doing. So when opportunity arose she was able to take advantage of early retirement benefits, and retired at age 50. 

She had always wanted to own her own business and owning a restaurant was at the top of that list but she had no experience. She knew a bakery itself wasn’t profitable then a visit to Pomeroy house gave her the inspiration to incorporate her lineage of baking and create the kind of food she likes to eat, such as a variety of bite sized foods and desserts and tea became the fitting pairing she was looking for.  Then she enrolled in tea school. Yes, tea school – about a two- week course.

What was the inspiration in creating Myrtles Tea House?

As a young girl she used to visit her Grandma Myrtle every summer and that is where she learned to bake. 

During one of her first visits she broke or spilled something and her G-ma said “now don’t you worry we are just making memories’. Left quite an impression and ignited her love of baking. 

As Elizabeth honors her G-Myrtle through her tea house and service, it is a way for Grandma’s and Grand daughters to create their own memory and traditions.

Why did you choose Downtown Ridgefield to open your tea house? 

She opened Myrtles Tea House near Overlook Park on Mother’s Day 2006. She just celebrated her 10th anniversary in May 2021 Mothers Day at her current location. 

What is your most popular or sought-after item or service you provide?

Special Tea events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day. These sell out quickly. 

She has had 4 to 5 generations come together for one of these events. 

How many employees do you have?  

3 PT who are referred to as “Merry Myrtle Maids’ and Elizabeth as the head is referred to as ‘Merry Myrtle Mistress’. As Merry Myrtle maids grow up and move on often they recruit their little sisters to take their place. 

What is the biggest challenge you have faced and overcome or facing now?

In 2018 her mom passed on and it was a time she took to re-evaluated things, closed for 3 months to concentrate on what would bring her the most enjoyment. She had always had little gift shop but when she re-opened she decided to focus more on expanding the home décor aspect of her business. Business name reflects change: Mrytle’s Tea House and Home Décor.

She has everything a great Home decor and gift shop should have a collection of New, Vintage, and Antique. Eclectic Home decor, accent furniture, pictures, jewelry, soaps, a wide variety of specialty tea, pink hot cocoa a favorite among the ‘wee sippers’, and other little treats and trinkets too many to list here. 

Of course a wide selection of teacup sets a number of them are made of bone china from England and English tea pots.

What are you most proud of or has been most fulfilling part of owning tea house?

It is a way to honor Grandma’s patience and inspired her love for baking. The kitchen is an homage to her G-ma. Black and White with touches of red, even down to the black and white checkered floor. There is a framed picture on the wall near the front picture window of Myrtle through the ages.

Closing thoughts

If you go take note of the different vignettes she has created in the store as means of decorating inspiration themes such as: coastal, blue and white, Bali meets rustic, Paris, and Woman’s dressing room, (my favorite). 

The holiday season décor and menu changes with the season. 

Noteworthy she decks out her big front picture window with holiday themed display. If you walk or drive by stop to take a look. Yet I invite you to go in look around, I’m certain you will find something to make you smile.  

Hours are limited. She is a one woman show. Covid also has limited capacity quite a bit.

Whether it is a Saturday lunch or Special tea event you must have reservations. Again spots fill up quick.

There is a list of featured teas, pictures that gives you a tour of the gift shop, and other information that can be found on her website: