Ridgefield Mercantile

Vintage furniture & Gifts

Ridgefield Mercantile is one of the only furniture/vintage gift shops in Ridgefield. They came up with the name from old fashion towns that originated as trade towns, so think of this store as a trading hub. Also, look forward to events to get the community involved such as flea markets!


Suzy Rylander & Kate Sacamano

Suzy and Kate both love home decor, so this kind of business made good sense. Kate also owned a design business before this, so she has a knack for this genre of shops. They love how the Mercantile brings together both the community and vendors, and they can’t wait to meet all of you!


It was built 100 years ago this November. Used to be a church, then was a grange hall used for events. Recently used as office space and retail.

Closing thoughts

“We love the community of Downtown Ridgefield. We really Like seeing people connect in the old school Downtown atmosphere”